Organic Fly Control

Homeowners often wonder — Is there a safe, easy way to do organic fly control? Of course there is!

Of the common household pests, the house fly is certainly one of the most aggravating and, unfortunately, one of the most persistent. They are well-adapted to living among humans, and survive well under hostile conditions. They also have the capacity to host dangerous parasites and to spread diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and salmonella. Here at, we want to help you manage these pests with organic fly control.

The easiest and most obvious step to take is to make your home as unwelcome to house flies as possible. Flies are attracted to food and decaying matter, so keeping the house clean is a must.

  • Clean: keep trash in sealed containers and make sure all food is either covered or put away. The area around the house should also be cleared of all decaying organic matter, uncovered trash, and manure.
  • Prevent: make sure the house is impenetrable. Keep doors and windows closed or covered by a screen. For entryways that remain open, try using a fan or air curtain to create an air current that flies are unable to pass through.
  • Natural predators: wasps and spiders may seem unpleasant, but they do prey on flies. For a more pleasant solution, consider the Venus flytrap. For large outdoor areas, parasitic wasps are commercially available and prey exclusively on flies.

For more ideas and information about preventing house flies, check out:

DIY Organic Fly Trap

Prevention only goes so far. To catch and kill flies already in the home, there is a simple DIY project that can be surprisingly effective:

This trap requires only a plastic bottle, tape, and sugar (or some other substance that attracts flies, like meat or rotting fruit). Cut the bottle in half about 1/3 of the way up. Place the bait in the bottom, then invert the top so it funnels into the bottom half. Tape the halves together and place in an area where flies are common.

To prepare the sugar: pour a few tablespoons into a pot and add enough water to cover the sugar. Heat until boiling and stir well. Once the mixture has cooled a bit, pour into the container.

Advantages of a DIY Fly Trap: cheap; uses common household objects; simple

Disadvantages of a DIY Fly Trap: smells bad, especially once it has trapped flies; may attract flies to the area

For more information on the DIY Fly Trap, see Wiki How’s set up (photos included).


Fly Tape Ribbons

Commercial Fly Traps
Sometimes, commercial traps can be more advantageous to use, especially in the home itself. Here are a few effective fly solutions, courtesy of

Fly Tape: One of the simplest solutions, though they can be unsightly. Refresh as needed.


Price for Fly Ribbon
1+ packs of 5 – $6.75 each
3+ packs of 5 – $3.50 each

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[threecol_one]Bulk Pricing (100 ribbons per case)
1 case of 100 – $31.00 per case ($1.55 each)
2+ cases of 100 – $29.00 per case ($1.45 each)

[button link=”” size=”large” bg_color=”#000000″ window=”yes”]Purchase in Bulk[/button][/threecol_one]

[threecol_one_last] Pricing
4 traps – $4.92 ($1.23 per trap)

[button link=”″ size=”large” bg_color=”#000000″ window=”yes”]Purchase at Amazon[/button][/threecol_one_last][divider_flat]


Mini Reel Kit (81 feet by 3/16 inches)
1 kit – $13.95 each
2+ kits – $12.50 each
6+ kits – $11.00 each

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Medium Reel Kit (600 feet by 3/8 inches)
1 reel – $25.75 each
2+ reels – $24.37 each
Case of 6 reels – $138.52 per case ($23.09 each)

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To purchase mounting hardware for the medium reel, click here.



Large Reel Kit (1312 feet by 4.5 inches)
1 reel – $32.50 each
2+ reels – $31.75 each
Case of 6 reels – $29 per case ($23.09 each)

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To purchase mounting hardware for the large reel, click here.


Fly Control StickStick Traps
Easy placement and handling, does not contain chemicals or toxins.


Small Sticks (10.5″)
1 case (12 traps) – $36.84 ($3.07 each)

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Large Sticks (24″)
1 case (24 traps) – $88.80 per case ($3.70 each)
2+ cases – $84.00 per case ($3.50 each)
6+ cases – $82.00 per case ($3.42 each)

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Fly Lights
A clever organic fly control solution. Uses light rather than smell to lure insects onto a glue board. Comes with light bulb and glue board installed.

Fly Web Fly LightI use a Flyweb Fly Light in our home. It’s very efficient and allow us to corral bugs fairly quickly. There are two purchase options for this light, you can purchase from:

Glueboards and replacement lights are available on both sites, but extra glue boards are all you really need. I’ve been using the same light for 2+ years.

The Luralite is a more substantial fly control solution. This unit is almost 3 feet long. Your job is to mount it on the wall and watch it round up the pests. The Luralite is similar to what you find at major restaurants. It can be purchased at DoMyOwnPestControl for about $130. For more information on the Luralite, click here.


Flies can be an enormous pest in your home, but with preventative measures and the right organic trap, they don’t have to be a problem anymore.

If you have additional solutions that work well, please post them in the comments below.

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